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Hello all you beautiful people. This is a weight loss, health, diet, and beauty blog. I follow back all blogs that are similar~

***My Stats***
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 116
Goal Weight: No goal; the moment you think you're perfect is when the degradation begins. I'll always be eating well.

I give advice; don't worry I don't bite unless you give me a reason too~
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how do you feel after you break your diet? :( i break mine fairly regularly and it is so disappointing for me. i don't know how to make it stop and i feel out of control. does this happen to you at all? 

Oh trust me we ALL know that feeling. 9___9

I crack sometimes and indulge- sometimes I go really overboard and eat an unreasonable amount.

You can’t beat yourself up over it though; I mean it isn’t the end of the world if you slam a ton of food down that you probably shouldn’t have. Its okay to make mistakes; but remember that you shouldn’t punish yourself for indulging.

You don’t want to develop an unhealthy mindset. You have your whole life to work on your body, you know?

As for regularly breaking your diet; maybe you aren’t getting enough nutrients or your current meal routine isn’t working for you. No person is the same and everyone has different things that work better for them.

I personally avoid breaking my diet by not putting bad food in my pantry period. If it does happen to show up I usually give it away to friends or my boyfriend hahah. XD 

Also make sure you’re getting enough water. I’ve noticed that when I go on BAD binges it is typically because I was dehydrated and mistook my thirst for hunger.

I can’t really offer much more than that without you telling me what your eating habits are.

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01.03 Lunch - Nutty Spinach Falafels and Hummus Dips

First time trying yellow watermelon this things is so rad!! #rawvegan #801010 #rawtill4 #veganism #vegan #watermelon #lonijane
the sun mutilated me. 
and for those who are about to squeal; ‘omg you’re naked you whore’
i have a strapess bra on. ._.
sorry i haven’t updated in a while; work caught me up and so did a few photoshoots i’ve had to do the past couple of weeks.
my weight has stayed normal at 114- despite eating a lot of food i normally wouldn’t have. ( stress makes you eat stupid shit sometimes. )

i’ll be uploading again soon; recipes, work out routines, and my weight loss story to come.

had a great time at the beach shoot over the weekend- unfortunately my pale skin didn’t agree with that beaming star.